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Caution: Soul Mate Ahead – Book and Concept Review

Any examination of the concept of ‘soul mates’ must surely include a very important book entitled Caution Soul Mate Ahead! by Janet Cunningham, PhD, and Michael Ranucci. While most of the world’s spiritual believers are searching for or yearning for that one special someone they consider as their soul mate, that journey often fails to recognize the true nature of soul mates. In fact, the title of Dr. Cunningham’s book introduces a critical warning about soul mates: “Caution…”.

There are more than 18 million references to soul mates on the internet, including more than one million individual pages, posts and articles. Within these discussions, different terms are assigned for soul mates, such as teacher soul mates, romantic soul mates, twin flames, essence twins, companion soul mates, task companions, sharing soul mates, constant soul mates, karmic soul mates, and so forth. Many of these are shades of the same generic type, helping us to categorize some of the more subtle variations among souls.

For the purposes of this article, we will examine the four general types or categories of soul mates identified by Cunningham and Ranucci in their book and which exemplify the use of the term “Caution” in the title of this important book. Here are the four categories: Read More…

“Fragmented Souls” — Sample Excerpt from eBook

The following excerpt is from the eBook Fragmented Souls, which is available from the Kindle Store at This excerpt is the same as the “sample” available on


 Fragmented Souls


An Inside Look at
Spirit Attachment and Spirit Fragmentation


Written by
John J. Kelly, Ph.D.
Ronald P. De Vasto, D.C.H.


Copyright © 2001-2002 (Edition 1), 2011 (Edition 2) by John J. Kelly and Ronald P. De Vasto. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work in any form whatsoever without permission in writing from the authors.

ISBN: 1-890639-05-2


Acknowledgments and Dedications

Both authors wish to express their appreciation to everyone who assisted in bringing this book into publication. This includes all of the clients whose true case histories are presented herein in the hope of helping others to recognize the role of spirit therapy in achieving a happy, healthy lifestyle. We also appreciate the time contribution by all the professional experts and reviewers who scoured the pages for areas of technical confusion, as well as grammatical errors. We especially appreciate the efforts of Dr. Janet Cunningham, past President of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, for her private review and comments, as well as her prepublication review of the book in the IARRT Journal.

There is also the matter of an appropriate dedication. We have chosen to dedicate this book to all of our professional peers, students, and clients—past, present, and yet to come—who will read this book, learn something new about themselves and the universe, and thereby find the courage to set their feet upon a new path of awareness and healing. It is in the spirit of this dedication that we pray this book also finds its way into the hands of all those seeking a solution to the complex challenges of life which seem to elude medical science. For those frustrated souls, may this book serve as the guiding light at the end of their worrisome journey.


“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John