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Q&A — Atonement and Karma, 09/19/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


How does the process of experiential learning as part of multiple lives fit in with God and the Christian concept of atonement?

Edited Response:

The concept of atonement (making amends for misdeeds and wrong-doing) is a cornerstone of many religions, especially Christianity. For Hinduism and Buddhism, the concept is “bad karma”, recognizing that there are both bad and good deeds in physical life (bad and good karma); one is rewarded or punished in one life for the deeds in a previous life. How you believe atonement occurs is one of the important tenets of your personal faith; thus any discussion on the matter creates the possibility of shaking one’s faith; I applaud your courage, and I will do my best not to crack that foundation.

We come into this world to experience that which we cannot experience in the total love environment of the soul side, and we make this journey with the blessing and the unconditional love of God, who has given us free will. In this world with billions of people, some are perceived as truly evil, while others are perceived as true humanitarians and philanthropists; most fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes; the diversity of the extremes of human nature offers an infinite number of combinations of possible interactions, both positive and negative. In planning our lives, we obtain assistance from experienced souls who will not be in physical form at the same time we are; and we make agreements and commitments with other souls for various relationships and interactions, again including actions which might be perceived as good or bad from different individual perspectives. These concepts lead to the following considerations: Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John