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Astrology — A Trusted Partner in Life

Post contributed by guest author Bestmia.

Whenever I mention astrology, people who know nothing about it say defensively: ‘Well, I don’t BELIEVE in that, you know’. If only they knew how much they were missing.

I have been researching the subject as a hobby since I was 15. A friend loaned me my first astrology books and showed me the first steps — I soon was hooked on the possibilities. I drew the charts and analyzed the results for months. In the old astrology books that I had at that time, all the explanations were somehow gloomy and serious. And that is how I took it — seriously, but with faith instead of gloom. I improved my knowledge of astrology whenever I had time, reading hundreds of books on the subject and analyzing hundreds of charts, because I found it all so logical and mysterious and in just the right way.  Read More…

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