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Channeling 2011/11/05 — Many Paths to God and to Heaven

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

I recently wrote a book review for The Soul Channel on Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, in which a boy not quite 4 years old had a near death experience and visited Heaven. Sometime after recovery, the boy seemed quite emphatic that souls cannot get back into Heaven without Jesus in their heart. The Soul Channel is not intended to promote any individual religion, and I personally do not believe that souls who do not accept Jesus as their personal savior cannot go to Heaven. Therefore, I felt a strong need to address this question with the Soul Side and to share the answer on The Soul Channel.

I believe that all spiritual paths lead to God and to the light (to Heaven). Therefore, in this specific session, I am seeking to examine the validity of the little boy’s conviction that the only path to Heaven is through Jesus. I decided to pose this question first to my Council of Elders and then directly to the Creator. (When channeling, never impose limits on who you want to communicate with.)

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled. The date shown below is the actual date the session took place; not the posting date. Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John