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Q&A — Improving Soul Side Connections, 09/18/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


Are there things we can do consciously to support or establish a better connection with our Soul Side Support System or to make their jobs easier?

Edited Response:

There is a delightful book by Michael Todd, M.D., entitled The Evolution Angel: An Emergency Physician’s Lessons with Death and the Divine. Chapter 4 is a discussion with a “messenger” from the Soul Side who discusses this very question. Here is a specific excerpt from the book:

“We see all of you as children, and we love all of you no matter what you do. But we really wish you would call on us more when you are having a good time. You need to work on this. Don’t just call us when you get in trouble—during the bad times. Don’t act this way with any messenger. It is somewhat rude and inconsiderate.

“Remember that we love joy and fun. Granted, we don’t really need your help to have fun. It’s just That it is polite and considerate to include us in the good times as well as the bad.”

Michael Todd responds, “How should we do this exactly?”

“It’s all done in consciousness. When things are going great, all you have to do is remember us. This simple act of awareness is greatly appreciated by your guardians, who will consider it a sign of spiritual maturity. Like good teacher everywhere, we like to see signs that our students are making progress. That is a major part of our reward for working with you.”

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John