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Soul Prints

A dear friend of mine, Judith Royer, creates what she refers to as “soul prints”. A soul print is an image of an individual’s soul energies as rendered by a meditative artist.

As I recall the creation process — and recognizing that it has been years since I discussed this process with her — Judith meditates on the individual until she sees an image of their soul as a mix of diverse energies and colors. Based on this, she reproduces the meditative image on watercolor paper using radiant concentrated watercolors. Judith maintains that the radiant watercolors most closely reflect the brilliant soul colors she envisions. Watercolors work like magic, flowing with a goodly measure of unpredictably, mingling with other colors on the paper. Judith places the watercolors on the paper with the full intent that they will flow as they are supposed to in order to capture the true essence of the soul image. Areas where the colors merge intentionally represent the mingling of the energies of the soul.  Read More…

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