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Listen With Your Heart — ‘Little Lessons’ 1—6

Excerpts 1 — 6 from the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Inspiration in Multiple Languages have been consolidated into a single page in the original channeled English version along with the available translations. General information about the book, excerpts and the LWYH project is also available.

The Special Mother

Photo from Wikipedia

Most people in the USA over the age of 30 remember the name Erma Bombeck and associate it with her humorous newspaper columns and books. Erma passed over in 1996, yet she remains as one of the most beloved and quoted people of the twentieth century. Many of her columns are passed through email and appear on many internet sites. There is even an Erma Bombeck online museum maintained by the University of Dayton, Ohio, Erma’s home town.

Recently, one of our Soul Channel participants sent the following article written by Erma in 1980. It provides a humorous yet insightful look at one possibility of how God might decide which children go to which mothers. I suspect that such decisions are not really made this way, as agreements are made among the souls of parents and children. However, some thought-provoking articles are simply worth sharing again and again. Read More…

Listen With Your Heart

In the waning days of 2011, I was able to complete the conversion of the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Meditation in Multiple Languages to an electronic book (eBook) and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Store for distribution. This new eBook has several unusual features:

  • Unusual — The core content of the book consists of an automatic writing channeling session which sought information from the highest and most knowledgeable “authority” — in fact, from the root source of all knowledge
    — and I believe that was source of the reply; essentially from God.
  • Unique — In addition to background information about the channeling session and automatic writing process, ten translations are included within the pages of the same book, in addition to the original English version. This may be the first time that a single book contains eleven languages, and it is certainly the first such eBook.
  • Unique — The original eleven-language book is considered as Volume 1 of a series called Listen With Your Heart. Volume 2 is the English-only version, and Volumes 3 through 12 capture the original English channeled version plus one other language. All 12 volumes are listed below, along with links to the Kindle Store:  Read More…

What is the Soul

I searched Google for the word ‘soul’ and received 1.2 billion hits. Of course, these covered everything from spirituality to rock groups and even The Soul Channel. The first soul hit on Google (as good a place to start as any) was for Wikipedia, which defines the soul as “the incorporeal essence of a person, living thing or object.”

Following this thread a bit further, Wikipedia reports that “incorporeal or uncarnate [discarnate] means without the nature of a body or substance. The idea of incorporeality refers to the notion that there is an incorporeal realm of existence, or “place”, that is distinct from the corporeal or material universe.” Frankly, it all sounds rather complex and disserving of something easier to grasp. I am comfortable with the fundamentals of the Wikipedia definitions, so perhaps we can use them to develop something reasonably simple.  Read More…

Spiritual or Physical Life Experience

Humans frequently contemplate whether they have a soul. This question typically arises when they encounter an experience which has a spiritual connection, such as an insightful event or discussion. I love such moments, for they have the potential of becoming transcending moments in our lives – moments which permanently alter our way of thinking, provide us with a new perspective, and somehow alter our path in life in some clearly definable way. Of all experiential moments in life, the transcending moments are the most delicious and the most important. In fact, the sum total of all physical life experiences contains relatively few transcending moments which makes them all the more precious to contemplate. Read More…

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