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Q&A — Body and Soul Relationships, 09/21/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


If the soul is eternal and the physical body is finite, then it seems that the soul joins a body and goes along for the ride during a physical life. In this respect, the soul could be seen as a parasite on, or within, the physical body. If this is remotely correct, then it leads to a troubling question: Can a physical body exist without a soul and, if so, how would it behave or live differently than a body with a soul?

Edited Response:

There are two components to this inquiry, which was received as a comment from a participant to The Soul Channel. The first is the concept of a ‘parasitic relationship’ between the soul and the physical body; or do they have a synergistic symbiotic relationship? The second component is the integrated question of the ability of the body to exist without a soul. Read More…

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