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The Soul

What is the Soul

Most religions recognize the existence of the soul. But what is the soul? Although this is examined widely in the literature, one of my favorite resource on this question is the book entitled 50 Big Ideas, by Ben Dupre. What makes this book especially intriguing is that the author captures discussions on this question from great thinkers across the past 2,400 years. Some of these extracts from Dupre’s book are synthesized below, with each of them prevalent today in various spiritual and religious discussions around the world:

  • Plato argued that souls are immortal and transcendent. “The soul is immortal and capable of enduring all extremes of good and evil.” In sharp contrast, Aristotle maintained that the notion of a soul separate from a physical body is simply nonsense. (2,400 B.C.E) Read More…

Getting Started


This is my first post; an exciting event. As I type away at the keyboard, I cannot help but wonder to what corners of the world my words may travel today or in the future. Whose eyes will glide across the screen to test the flavor of my words and decide if my thoughts are worthy of mingling with their own? Who will allow my words to resonate in their heart, for this blog is less about the mind than about the energetic connection of the physical heart with the heart of the soul. Strange concepts for some; immediately recognized by others; worthy of discussion over time as more and more posts are added to this weblog.

So let me begin by saying welcome to the Soul Channel and inviting you to become more involved over time. Although this site is in its infancy, I plan to expand it as time permits and as my understanding of the software and supporting technology evolves. For now, your comments, including questions, to the various posts will provide both feedback for improvement and recommendations for future posted discussions. Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John